KT500 Final Episode Thanks


EPISODE 500-KT500-Final-Episode-Thanks



As I think of how to bring this project to a close – my thoughts turn to what I have learned about gratitude these past 500 days.  Gratitude is not something you can buy at the store, not something you can grasp in your hands.  It is a state of mind and an outlook on life. As such we can choose to look at the world through a lens of gratitude.  How do we look at the something as simple as a cloud or as complicated as our relationships?  We can’t control how others behave or how nature behaves; we can only control our response to people and situations that arise.  I try and will continue to try to respond with gratitude, empathy and kindness.  This is the life I choose to live.   This gratitude project has helped me with conditioning – giving me lots of practice to sharpen my gratitude skills.   It makes it more natural to look on the positive side and appreciate things and people in my life more easily.  I hope these short daily podcasts have helped you as well.  Thank you for being part of my journey.  Feel free to drop me a line on my website contact form – Karentreiger.com

KT499 Covid-19 Must Resurface Here

EPISODE 499-KT499-Covid-19-Must-Resurface-Here



In this second to last episode of Gratitude in a Minute, Covid-19 must resurface.  I began this podcast at the beginning of the pandemic and for a while, it felt like those of us who got the vaccine could resume something like normal life. But now the Delta variant has spread to the United States and this brings worry for us all.  Throughout this project, the pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate our life priorities and has given us the opportunity to bring more gratitude into our lives.  It’s not a gratitude increaser that any of us would wish to have. But here we are in August of 2021 still battling this pernicious virus.  I hope that each of you remains safe and healthy and I am hopeful that the rise of the Delta variant will convince more Americans to get vaccinated.   Honestly, we can work on finding ways to be grateful that are not related to a microscopic invader.  

KT498 Chamber Music in Person

EPISODE 498-KT498-Chamber-Music-in-Person



Music is something that I often take for granted.  But it’s importance cannot be underestimated.  Music is the food of the soul and can lift our spirits to new heights.   There are many types of music – jazz, pop, folk, etc.  But last week, I had the great pleasure of attending a classical chamber music concert at Benaroya Hall with my mother.  It was the 4th in a series of in-person Seattle Chamber Music events.   They held it in the large concert hall, allowing for social distancing and everyone in masks – even the musicians.   Two pieces were played one composed by Florence Price, an African American composer who lived at the beginning of the 20th century.  The second piece was by a more well-known composer – Brahms.  I let the music wash over me as I sat in this magnificent space with sound so pure that it can make you cry.  It was a particularly special moment to go to this concert with my mother, who for many years, was the Board Chairman/Chairperson of the Seattle Chamber Music organization.   I was grateful on so many levels. 

KT497 Joy of Putting A Grandchild To Bed

EPISODE 497-KT497-Joy-of-Putting-A-Grandchild-To-Bed


I’m not sure if there is anything better than putting your grandson to bed.  Bathtime, pajamas, brushing teeth, books – three to be exact – songs, Shma, and night-night. But as the songs are sung, his little head rests on my shoulder and we rock slowly as I sing the same three songs I sang to my own children each night for many, many years.   The feelings of gratitude wash over me and leave me breathless with thanks.  I feel so privileged to have grandchildren at all and how lucky am I to, occasionally, help put one to bed. The sweetness and purity of a young child – in this case – young Theodor Irwin – who is not yet two years old, is life affirming and I would describe it as pure joy.   When he gets excited about something, his whole body lights up.  I am a lucky and blessed mother and an even luckier Bubbi.

KT496 Tomato Plants Final Update

EPISODE 496-KT496-Tomato-Plants-Final-Update



This is my final tomato update.  Honestly, just between us – I couldn’t handle it. I had to hire an expert gardener to come and help me tame the beasts.  These tomato plants grew so much that they were falling over as they laughed at the red-wire cages that attempted to contain them.   I’m grateful to the expert who came over and put multiple stakes in the tomato plants and tied them up as prisoners to their new reality.  Now they are forced to grow up and out along the new boundaries set for them.   One of the cherry tomato plants has been producing like crazy and the bright orange fruit is sweet and juicy.  The other plants, some cherry tomato and some slicing tomato are growing and ripening. Soon we will have a tomato festival and will invite all our neighbors to a tomato party.  Nature has so much to offer if we just get out of the way.