My life changed the day I stared into a forest pit in Poland where my in-laws “lived” – hiding from the Nazis.  With resilience that I can only dream of, Sam and Esther Goldberg survived the Holocaust and in 1949 moved to the United States, starting life anew.  

After my Poland visit, I was humbled.  I made a conscious decision to appreciate my life in a new way.  I now strive to live life with more kindness and with an open-heart, full of gratitude. 

I nourish myself each day by appreciating the people that I love and having gratitude for, among other things, my warm bed, my fridge full of food, and my closet full of clothes.  Sam and Esther had none of these during the war.  

Come with me on this journey towards a more grateful life.  Let’s live life and mean it.