When I decided in 2015 to quit my job as an Attorney and dedicate myself to researching and writing my in-law’s Holocaust story of resilience and survival, I had no idea that my life would change so dramatically.  As I dug deep into their story, I discovered so many things about myself and what it means to be human.  I came to the stark realization that humans can be the worst of the worst – to murder children for the crime of being Jewish children.  But I also saw how the goodness of humans can emerge in the darkest hour.   It was in Treblinka, a Death Camp where my father-in-law, Sam, was a prisoner for 13 months, that remarkably, Jewish women who worked with him in the laundry stood up to the Nazi officer who ordered that Sam should hang because he struck a Kapo – a Jewish overseer.  These women spoke up and saved Sam’s life – though it could easily have meant instant death for them all.

I am grateful for the spark of humanity that is goodness.  

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