EPISODE 4: KT4-Life-Can-Change-So-Quickly
Stability is under-rated. Some people think stability equals boring. No way. I was thinking about how quickly instability has taken over – the whole world – within just a few weeks. Thinking about how fast things have changed, made me think about what it must have been like for Esther and Sam. When the war broke out their lives were instantly transformed. Within weeks of the war’s beginning, Esther’s home was burned to the ground and the whole family moved to Bialystok – refugees, with nothing. Sam and his parents were kicked off their farm, allowed to take only what they could fit on their buggy. Their lives had been stable, but everything was turned upside down by the attack on Poland.
I feel that now, with Covid19 in our lives, I better understand how life can change so quickly and sometimes we can do nothing to stop it.
I’m grateful that during this time of instability, I have a stable home and a loving family. Tell someone you appreciate them being a stable force in your life.