EPISODE 491-KT491-Comfort-Crisis



The host of Econ Talk, Russ Roberts, interviewed Michael Easter about his new book Comfort Crisis.  Easter poses the question – have our modern comforts been good for us?  He suggests that our comfortable routines make it harder to notice – to pay attention to what we are doing.  If we step outside of our routine, we can realize what we have to be grateful for.   To break his life routine, Easter went on a 33-day cariboo hunt in the backcountry of Alaska. He certainly got out of his routine and his comfort zone.  His life for those days was living in freezing temperatures. If he needed water, he had to hike to a stream and fill up his water bag and carry it back to his camp.  Bathrooms – there were none.  Food had to be rationed with intake of the minimum calories per day.  “We lose sight of the comforts we have that make life easier for us,” Easter said.  “We take these everyday things for granted – but when you live without them you appreciate them in a whole new way.”  Amen.