EPISODE 492-KT492-The-Inevitable-Cliff



Towards the end of the podcast I discussed yesterday, Russ Roberts and Michael Easter talk about death.  Michael traveled to Butan and met with a Budhist there who suggested that Americans don’t want to think about how we are all walking, marching, running towards a 500 foot cliff that we all have to go over.  There are two approaches to the inevitable cliff: we can pretend that there is no cliff; or we can remember that there is a cliff and integrate that into our lives. By realizing that there is a cliff, Easter suggests, your behavior can change.  Perhaps you will say things differently to people with whom you are walking towards that cliff. Maybe we’ll slow down and pay attention to the beauty of nature around us.  Maybe we won’t take things for granted as often.  Roberts stated that “mortality helps you savor the precious things in life.” And we should realize that this “ride” is going to end and ask, “how do I want to spend my time on this ride?”  

Let’s think about that.