EPISODE 493-KT493-Untold-Holocaust-Stories-Coming-to-Light



There are so many Holocaust stories yet untold.  If I hadn’t undertaken the research and writing of Sam and Esther Goldberg’s story of survival, their story would be lost to the world.  Others are coming out with stories of their families.  A new book, Eva and Eve: A Search for My Mother’s Lost Childhood and What War Left Behind, tells the story of Julie Metz’s mother who didn’t tell her story during her life.  Metz dug deep into her mother’s family story and discovered so much of what happened to them under Nazi control.  Her family was from Vienna and her grandfather, Julius Singer, escaped death because he owned a company that manufactured unusual fan-shaped paper envelopes that were used to package powdered medications.  As Singer was on route to Dachau, he was pulled off the train and returned to help run the “essential” factory.  Ultimately, Singer secured a visa to the United States.  As people dig into their families’ past, there is much to learn and much to understand.  I’m looking forward to reading Metz’s book and learning about her family’s story of survival and secrecy.