EPISODE 494-KT494-Imagination-of-a-Child



Last week I took a friend of mine to a park.  My friend, Natan, is four years old. We climbed and played on the rocks, the bridges, and slides. But mostly we fought off the pirates that were attacking our shores.   Natan’s imagination went wild with thoughts and worries of pirates attacking us. We were successful in capturing the pirates and subduing them.  We were victorious in allowing our ships to pass safely through the harbor. But the threat of the pirates was real and had to be addressed.  The imagination of children is fantastical and wonderful.  Children are free to imagine threats and conquer them. I only wish life was so.  I wish that we all could allow our imaginations to run wild with fantasies like a four-year old.  We might find that it gives us new perspectives on life that we could never have thought of before.   Thank you Natan for the reminder of the beauty of imagination.