EPISODE 495-KT495-Twin-NY-Weekend



I am grateful that this weekend I’m in New York city visiting my twin grandchildren.  The occasion is a wedding and I wish a hearty mazal tov to Daniel and Devorah who will be wed tomorrow.  But the highlight of the few days I will spend in New York is, undoubtedly, the twins.  I’m hoping to spend as much time as possible with them in these few short days.  I am also excited to see my daughter and son in law, but it’s tough to compete with Sammy and Evie.  Evie has a full head of red hair and is energetic and gets very upset when Sammy steals her toys.  Sammy’s overflowing head of black curls is ready for the cover of Baby Vogue and all he wants to do is walk – though he isn’t quite there yet. They are 11 months old and very aware of their surroundings and fantastically cute.   I am so happy to have this opportunity to spend a few days with them and be at a family simcha – celebration.