EPISODE 496-KT496-Tomato-Plants-Final-Update



This is my final tomato update.  Honestly, just between us – I couldn’t handle it. I had to hire an expert gardener to come and help me tame the beasts.  These tomato plants grew so much that they were falling over as they laughed at the red-wire cages that attempted to contain them.   I’m grateful to the expert who came over and put multiple stakes in the tomato plants and tied them up as prisoners to their new reality.  Now they are forced to grow up and out along the new boundaries set for them.   One of the cherry tomato plants has been producing like crazy and the bright orange fruit is sweet and juicy.  The other plants, some cherry tomato and some slicing tomato are growing and ripening. Soon we will have a tomato festival and will invite all our neighbors to a tomato party.  Nature has so much to offer if we just get out of the way.