EPISODE 497-KT497-Joy-of-Putting-A-Grandchild-To-Bed


I’m not sure if there is anything better than putting your grandson to bed.  Bathtime, pajamas, brushing teeth, books – three to be exact – songs, Shma, and night-night. But as the songs are sung, his little head rests on my shoulder and we rock slowly as I sing the same three songs I sang to my own children each night for many, many years.   The feelings of gratitude wash over me and leave me breathless with thanks.  I feel so privileged to have grandchildren at all and how lucky am I to, occasionally, help put one to bed. The sweetness and purity of a young child – in this case – young Theodor Irwin – who is not yet two years old, is life affirming and I would describe it as pure joy.   When he gets excited about something, his whole body lights up.  I am a lucky and blessed mother and an even luckier Bubbi.