EPISODE 499-KT499-Covid-19-Must-Resurface-Here



In this second to last episode of Gratitude in a Minute, Covid-19 must resurface.  I began this podcast at the beginning of the pandemic and for a while, it felt like those of us who got the vaccine could resume something like normal life. But now the Delta variant has spread to the United States and this brings worry for us all.  Throughout this project, the pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate our life priorities and has given us the opportunity to bring more gratitude into our lives.  It’s not a gratitude increaser that any of us would wish to have. But here we are in August of 2021 still battling this pernicious virus.  I hope that each of you remains safe and healthy and I am hopeful that the rise of the Delta variant will convince more Americans to get vaccinated.   Honestly, we can work on finding ways to be grateful that are not related to a microscopic invader.