EPISODE 500-KT500-Final-Episode-Thanks



As I think of how to bring this project to a close – my thoughts turn to what I have learned about gratitude these past 500 days.  Gratitude is not something you can buy at the store, not something you can grasp in your hands.  It is a state of mind and an outlook on life. As such we can choose to look at the world through a lens of gratitude.  How do we look at the something as simple as a cloud or as complicated as our relationships?  We can’t control how others behave or how nature behaves; we can only control our response to people and situations that arise.  I try and will continue to try to respond with gratitude, empathy and kindness.  This is the life I choose to live.   This gratitude project has helped me with conditioning – giving me lots of practice to sharpen my gratitude skills.   It makes it more natural to look on the positive side and appreciate things and people in my life more easily.  I hope these short daily podcasts have helped you as well.  Thank you for being part of my journey.  Feel free to drop me a line on my website contact form – Karentreiger.com